Saturday Visits


Our office is open for individual visit appointments on select Saturdays during the academic year. During a Saturday visit, you can meet with an admission counselor to discuss your interests and go on a student-led campus tour.

But, it's much better if you come on a weekday. One of the primary things that gives Gustavus its well-known friendly feel is the people. And, to be honest, most of the people here are still sleeping or watching cartoons in their dorms when our office is open on Saturdays. 80 percent of our students are here on a typical weekend; Gustavus is a busy place -- just not before noon on a Saturday. Also, if you visit on a weekday, you could request to sit in on a class, meet with a professor or coach, or even stay overnight in one of our dorms.

We know you've got a busy schedule. That's why we offer some Saturday visits. To see when we're open, call 1-800-GUSTAVUS (1-800-487-8288) and talk with our visit coordinator. Some Saturdays we're closed for individual visits because of the academic calendar or because we're hosting a visit event that day.

In the end, we're happy to see you on campus any time.