The Department of Biology places a strong emphasis on breadth of education while encouraging in-depth preparation for graduate and professional studies. All students are required to complete a core introductory biology sequence of courses (BIO-101, 102, 201, and 202) augmented with courses in chemistry and mathematics. The core course sequence prepares students for advanced studies and also presents the breadth of biological studies. The core courses are taken in sequence. It is required that CHE-107 and CHE-141 be taken prior to BIO-201 and BIO-202. Level II (200-299) courses have a prerequisite of BIO-101 and BIO-102, while Level III (300-399) courses require completion of the four course biology core and 2 courses in chemistry.

Name Title Phone Web
Margaret Bloch Qazi Associate Professor 507-933-6287 web
Laura Burrack Assistant Professor 507-933-7325
Joel Carlin Associate Professor and Chair 507-933-6305 web
Jeff Dahlseid ’90 Associate Professor 507-933-6129 web
Eric Elias Continuing Lab Instructor 507-933-7329
Michael Ferragamo Associate Professor 507-933-6369
Ngawang Gonsar Continuing Instructor 507-933-7047
Jon Grinnell Associate Professor and Francis Uhler Chair 507-933-7332 web
Colleen Jacks ’79 Professor 507-933-7326
Cindy Johnson Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies 507-933-7043 web
Yuta Kawarasaki Assistant Professor 507-933-6348 web
Brenda Kelly Associate Professor 507-933-7541
Pamela Kittelson Professor 507-933-7331 web
Amy Kochsiek Visiting Assistant Professor 507-933-6095
Sanjive Qazi Continuing Lab Instructor 507-933-6319
S. Brookhart Shields Assistant Professor 507-933-7330
Maureen Carlson Technical Coordinator 507-933-6239
Jennifer Kruse Administrative Assistant 507-933-7333
Bethany Valentini Greenhouse Specialist 507-933-7318
Mike Anderson ’54 Professor Emeritus
Bob Bellig ’60 Professor Emeritus
Bill Heidcamp Professor Emeritus web
John Lammert Professor Emeritus