Elementary and Secondary Education

Vision and Mission

The Education Department is committed to the preparation of 21st century teachers who understand the complexities of learning and teaching that encompass inclusion, equity, and justice. This work is enhanced by a liberal arts foundation that encourages breadth of knowledge, interdisciplinary and international perspectives, engaged inquiry, and intellectual curiosity.

The organizing theme of the Education Department’s mission is “teaching as principled practice.” We strive to help our candidates acquire skills of analysis and reflection, a broad knowledge base, and an array of experiences that will enable them to articulate and examine their own beliefs about teaching and learning and to set those beliefs into action.

The Education Department mission is to prepare candidates who implement “principled practice”—reflective, student-centered, democratic, inclusive, equitable, and authentic teaching and learning. This mission is facilitated by the strong liberal arts and professional preparation of the candidates.

Program Features

  • Our students make informed teaching and learning decisions based on use of best practice, reflection, and new knowledge;
  • Act as leaders for positive social change within schools and communities;
  • Advocate for their students' intellectual, physical, and emotional well being;
  • Understand cultural and linguistic diversity, and promote anti-racist, gender fair, and inclusive educational opportunities for all students;
  • Defend their instructional choices on the basis of pedagogical, moral, and ethical grounds;
  • View teaching as a journey of learning;
  • Proactively profess and advocate well-developed teaching beliefs, and participate in decision-making, not as mere technicians, but as positive agents of change.