Intramural Sports

Welcome back to another year of IM's.

Please check out our new sports we are offering. The first 7 weeks of the fall, Co-ed Tennis will be up and running. Check out the Co-ed Tennis link for rules updates!!!


The goal of the Intramural Program is to provide the students, faculty, and staff of Gustavus with a recreational program that offers a variety of alternatives to "free play" and varsity athletics in terms of organization and competitiveness. The program attempts to provide traditional team and individual activties as well as recreation on a less competitive level. Intramural participation should provide a physical outlet that complements the academic life on campus. Intramurals promote good sportsmanship through a variety of team, individual and coed activities that enhance the potential for social growth.

Through Intramurals we attempt to provide opportunities to participte in recreational activities for as many students as possible. It is a program run by students for students and depends completley on the cooperation of all parties involved. Team captains accept the responsibility for his/her team knowing and abiding by the rules of the game, being ready for scheduled activities on time and most importantly that the team participates in a way that exhibits good sportsmanship.

The information that follows should be helpful to those who want to participate in the Intramural Program. We hope that you will find a place for yourself in the program.