Physics Department

Features of Our Program

  • Excellent preparation for graduate school in physics, engineering, teaching, medical school, law, and for employment in other fields.
  • Nationally recognized producer of physics majors
  • Nationally recognized origin of physics Ph.Ds
  • Close interaction with faculty
  • Individualized advising
  • Opportunities for on-campus research
  • Active student organization
  • 3-2 engineering dual-degree offered

Courses Offered

The following courses are offered in the physics department at Gustavus. The academic catalog is also available online to for information about the physics major, minors, and courses.

  • PHY-102 Astronomy, Cosmology, and Astrophysics
  • PHY-104 Physics of Sound and Music
  • PHY-120/121 General Physics I Laboratory
  • PHY-122 General Physics I
  • PHY-170/171 General Physics II / Laboratory
  • PHY-195/196 The Cosmic Universe
  • PHY-205/206 The Mechanical Universe / Laboratory
  • PHY-215/216 The Electromagnetic Universe / Laboratory
  • PHY-225 The Quantum Universe
  • PHY-250 Applied Mathematics for Scientists and Engineering
  • PHY-244 Special Topics in Physics
  • PHY-270/271 Electronics and Instrumentation / Laboratory
  • PHY-300 Mechanics
  • PHY-305 Experimental Modern Physics
  • PHY-320 Astrophysics
  • PHY-330 Nuclear Physics
  • PHY-340 Condensed Matter Physics
  • PHY-344 Advanced Topics in Physics 
  • PHY-350 Electromagnetic Theory
  • PHY-360 Optics
  • PHY-268/368 Career Exploration, Internship 
  • PHY-365 Course Project in Physics
  • PHY-370 Advanced Mathematical Methods of Physics
  • PHY-380 Thermal and Statistical Physics
  • PHY-390 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
  • PHY-291/391 Independent Study in Physics
  • PHY-399 Senior Seminar in Physics

Faculty And Staff

Name Title Phone Web
Thomas Huber Professor 507-933-7036 web
Steve Mellema ’72 Professor 507-933-7306 web
Charles Niederriter Professor 507-933-7315 web
Paul Saulnier Professor 507-933-6123 web
Jessie Petricka Associate Professor 507-933-7314 web
Darsa Donelan Continuing Assistant Professor 507-933-6130
Brianna Thomas Visiting Assistant Professor 507-933-7311
Laura Boomgaarden ’93 Administrative Assistant 507-933-7308
Richard Fuller Professor Emeritus
Dennis Henry Professor Emeritus web