Student Accounts

A major difference between public and private institutions is the degree to which they are subsidized by taxpayers. Tuition and fees account for more than three-quarters of the operating budget for Gustavus Adolphus College. The remainder is supplied through gifts to the College and income from the endowment. Thus, tuition and fees play an important role in maintaining the quality of a Gustavus education.

Tuition, Room and Meal Plan Fees

The 2010-11 tuition, room, and meal plan fees for new students and returning students not on the Guaranteed Cost Plan is listed below. Also listed are fees for returning students who are on the Guaranteed Cost Plan.

Year in GCP Tuition Room Meals Total
N/A $33,100 $5,400 $3,000 $41,500
2007–2008 SR on GCP $31,644 $4,840 $3,000 $39,484
2006–2007 5th Yr on GCP $30,900 $4,566 $2,800 $38,266

Personal expenses such as textbook purchases, transportation, and fees are the responsibility of the student and are estimated at $2,170.

The Board of Trustees will announce 2011–12 tuition and fees in early March 2011.

2010–11 Mandatory Fees

These two fees apply to first-year students only:

  • New Student Fee: A one-time $200 fee added to the first semester payment for all new students, to partially cover the costs of testing, advising materials and special programming for new students.
  • Transcript Fee: A one-time $200 fee added to the first semester payment for all new full-time students and provides for lifetime transcripts at no additional charge.

These fees apply to all students:

  • Student Government Fee: A $158 fee added to the first semester payment for all students except international exchange students. The Student Senate and the Campus Activities Board disburse the fees collected.
  • Student Wellness Fee: The Student Wellness Fee ($200) funds campus programs and activities that encourage positive change in students' health and wellness: wellness education, encouragement of healthy lifestyles and choices, and wellness assessment opportunities. The fee supports the ongoing work of offices such as the Student Health Service, the Counseling Center and Drug and Alcohol Education.  New services in fiscal 2010 include:  increased programming for healthy lifestyles, new assessments and initiatives in alcohol education, and changes in the response to sexual violence.  Detailed information about the important work of these three offices is found on the Gustavus website.

2010–11 Other Fees

  • Special Housing Fees: Houses or Apartments ($1,750); Guaranteed Single-one person in a double room ($1,900); Carlson International Center and Southwest Hall Suites ($880); Uhler Hall reduced occupancy rate ($580). These annual per person fees are itemized and split between fall and spring semester billings. Information on special housing is mailed to upper-class students each year by the Office of Residential Life.
  • Late Course Change Fees: The fees for processing petitions are $110 or $160 as determined by the change date following the end of the free drop/add period.
  • Overload Fee: $1,680 per credit pro-rated for course loads over 4.8 per semester.

Payment of Fees

First-Year Students

  • Advance Registration Deposit ($300)
    This non-refundable deposit is due when a student accepts an offer of admission and is fully credited to the fall semester payment.
  • Enrollment Deposit ($200)
    This deposit is due June 30th and confirms a new students' intention to enroll. It is fully credited toward the fall semester payment. If a student does not enroll, this deposit and the Advance Registration Deposit are forfeited. Failure to submit this deposit may result in the cancellation of class registration, housing assignment, and financial assistance. A statement is mailed to the student's home address on or about June 5th.

Returning Students

  • Fall Registration Deposit ($500)
    This deposit, due March 31st, permits returning students to register for the following fall semester's classes and is credited to the student's fall semester payment. The deposit is refundable if the Registrar's Office is notified in writing no later than June 30 of the student's intention not to attend. Refunds are processed in July, after all other accounts including telecommunications and residence hall damages are transferred to the Finance Office.

Health Insurance Premium (2009–10 premium is $250.00)

All Gustavus students are expected to carry adequate health care insurance. Those students not covered by a family policy are required to enroll in this supplemental insurance plan. Information is mailed to all students with the fall fee statement in July. A waiver card must be completed every year by August 31st to waive this premium. If a waiver card is not completed by the above due date, the premium will be added to the September bill.

Payment Plans

The standard billing cycle at Gustavus is two payments each year, with the first payment due in August and the other in January. A family who prefers to pay differently may design your own payment schedule and submit it to Sara Orth in the Finance Office for approval. A finance charge of 1% per month or 12% annually will be charged to the unpaid balance at the end of every month.

Gustavus participates with Tuition Management Systems (A Key Corp Company) (TMS) in a program which enables you to "pay as you go." Using this plan, you make ten equal payments each year (July–April) rather than two equal payments per year. To participate, you pay an annual fee of $65 (2009–10). No interest is charged if you finance all of your costs with this plan. Information about the monthly budget plan from TMS are mailed to all students at their home address in early May. 

The individual payment plan is available in pdf format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, you can download it from Adobe here.

Loan Programs

Loan programs where need is not a qualifying factor enable students to finance a portion of their education. Three programs are available: The Federal Direct Loan (Subsidized and Unsubsidized), the Minnesota Student Educational Loan Fund (SELF), and the Federal Direct Parents Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS). Details on these loans are obtained from the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

Financing With Tuition Management Systems (A Key Corp Company)

Tuition Management Systems (TMS) will work individually with Gustavus families to help determine the best college finance strategy for their circumstances. TMS advising is available at no cost to families considering Gustavus. Details about this program are sent to all Gustavus applicants. Please contact Sara Orth in the Finance Office with questions about this option. To visit the TMS website, click on

Statement of Financial Responsibility (SFR)

A signed SFR is required of each student before the first day of attendance. The use of the SFR provides assurances to the College in regard to collection of fees and makes it possible to offer a variety of payment options to students and parents. This form indicates who, in addition to the student, is responsible for the payment of fees. The SFR also explains the Gustavus policies relating to past due accounts, including the 1% per month (12% Annual Percentage Rate) finance charge. The student, and at least one parent or legal guardian, must sign the SFR, unless the student is married and/or at least 24 years old. The SFR covers all fees incurred through the student's final date of attendance. A new form may be filed prior to the start of any semester if the responsible party changes due to a change in family status.

Special Circumstances and Appeals

Gustavus recognizes that individual circumstances may require special consideration. Students and/or their parents are encouraged to contact the College's Finance Office, Office of Student Financial Assistance, Dean of Students' Office, or the Admission Office should they have any questions. An appeals process exists for students or parents who feel that circumstances warrant exceptions from these published policies. Appeals should be directed to the Vice President for Finance.

2009–10 Gustavus Refund Policy

Gustavus has a refund policy in effect for those students that do not complete a full academic semester. For more information see Gustavus Refund Policy.

Changes in Fees and Schedules

The College attempts to maintain all published charges throughout the academic year, but reserves the right to make adjustments and change procedures should unforeseen conditions make it necessary.