Evelyn Anderson Theatre & Dance Scholarship

Gustavus Adolphus College recognizes theatre and dance as integral components of a liberal arts education.  Through course work and performances, students are encouraged to develop creativity, knowledge and skills necessary for perceptive, expressive interpretations of life.  The Department of Theatre and Dance is strongly committed to the liberal arts ideal, and involves majors and non-majors in classes and productions.  The Evelyn Anderson Theatre and Dance Scholarships reward accomplishment and the potential for continued growth in theatre and dance. 

The scholarships are named for Evelyn Anderson, and extraordinary teacher and director at Gustavus Adolphus College from 1938 to 1974.  For 36 years, "Mrs. A" fired the imaginations of countless numbers of students through her legendary classes and her bold and elegant productions of classical, contemporary and children's plays.  Passion, discipline and high style were hallmarks of Professor Anderson's productions.  In 1971, her dream of an intimate classical theatre on the Gustavus campus was realized with the opening of a 270 seat theatre modeled after the famous Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis.  Upon her retirement in 1974, the theatre was dedicated to Evelyn and Evan Anderson.

The scholarships, ranging from $500 to $2000 annually, recognize students with demonstrated talent and commitment to continuing participation in theatre and/or dance activities in college.  It is the intent of the scholarship committee that each recipient should have experience in one or more of the interests fostered within the Department of Theatre and Dance: acting, directing, design, technical theatre, theatre for social change, and dance.  Finalists for the Evelyn Anderson Theatre and Dance Scholarship will be invited to campus for an audition to be held February 27, 2010.

Annual renewal of the scholarship requires a 3.0 cumulative grade point average, a 3.33 grade point average in the students major, and approved participation each semester within the Department of Theatre and Dance.  Qualifying participation may include a class, a crew position, a role, or similar time commitment.  Required participation also includes at least one weekend project (about 3 hours) in production or public relations each year.

Positions in departmental plays and dance concerts are by audition.  While receipt of an Anderson Scholarship does not guarantee placement in a production or ensemble, Anderson Scholars have the privilege of pre-registering for theatre/dance classes in high demand.  Scholars are also invited to special gatherings of Theatre/Dance alumni and/or guest artists each year.

Candidates must submit an application for admission to Gustavus Adolphus College and complete the Evelyn Anderson Theatre and Dance Scholarship application.  Students need not be majors to qualify for these awards.

Applicants of the Evelyn Anderson Scholarship must complete the following:

Statement of Intent

Please write a one to two page essay that answers all of the following questions?

  • What is your background/training/experience in theatre/dance?
  • Why do you want to pursue theatre/dance in a liberal arts setting?
  • What are your college and post-baccalaureate goals and intrests in theatre/dance?
  • What do you hope to learn and how might you contribute to the theatre/dance community at Gustavus?

Letter of Recommendation

The Letter of Recommendation must be completed by an instructor familiar with your talents, skills, and interests in theatre and/or dance.

Interview and Audition

All finalists are required to complete an on-campus interview, a class or group workshop, and an individual audition or presentation with faculty from the Department of Theatre and Dance.  These interviews and auditions are scheduled for February 27, 2010.  Students who are unable to attend the campus audition date may make special arrangements by contacting the Admission Office at 1-800-GUSTAVUS.

Supporting Evidence

If you are named a finalist you will be expected to present supporting evidence of your qualifications for the Anderson Scholarship during an on-campus audition and/or interview.  Please indicate the area(s) in which you will audition and/or interview.

  • Acting: Perform two contrasting monologues (less than two minutes for each) before theatre faculty during an on-campus audition.
  • Directing: Be prepared to discuss the production concept of a show you have directed or assistant directed. Present any supporting documents, photos, or videos you may have.
  • Design, Technical and/or Stage Management: Present résumé of experiences, sketches, renderings, and/or photos of productions with which you have worked.
  • Theatre for Social Change :  Be prepared to discuss your involvement with theatre and/or activism for social change.  Present any supporting documents scripts, or photos you may have.
  • Dance:  Perform a piece of your own choosing during the on-campus audition. This piece should be no longer than two minutes.

To request an official application, please contact the Admission Office at 1-800-Gustavus.

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